Spotted Lake (Khiluk)

Known for its kaleidoscopic look and therapeutic powers, the spotted lake is a marvel and rarity. 

Spotted Lake
Did you know that Spotted Lake has 365 spots?
Location: Okanagan Valley, Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada
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The spotted lake is known for its high mineral content. These minerals are responsible for the lake’s continual change in appearance. During summers, evaporation takes place, thus leaving behind mineral pools which look like colourful spots depending on the composition of minerals and the angle of sunlight.

Okanagan First Nations people (Aborginal people of Canada), regard this lake as sacred because of its therapeutic powers which is known to heal almost any kind of illness.

Best Time To Visit?

This rare phenomenon occurs when evaporation takes place which is why late spring or early summer would be the best time to plan your outing. During the hottest months of summer, the lake is almost dry and therefore will sport a different look.


Visitors are not allowed to enter the premises and there are no tours in particular that include a visit to this lake. However,  if you are really interested the OIBDC may be able to help you out.

Is That It?

If you are visiting Osoyoos, arrange for a trip to a winery or vineyard. This can also be combined with horse riding and a visit to the cultural centre which has an abundance of information about the area. Apart from this, you can also enjoy a game of golf, a day at the spa and adventure sports.


Though closed to the public, Spotted Lake is worth the journey. Efforts are being made to improve facilities and provide tourists with historical and cultural information. Be sure to plan your visit before traveling if you really want to witness odd lake behavior.


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