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Taupo: 5N6D

A rather standard itinerary for those visiting Taupo, New Zealand. Adventure sport and fantastic sceneries are the highlights for this trip

Day 1

A 5 hour bus drive from Auckland will take you to Taupo. From the bus stop head to the accommodation. Visit lake Taupo and enjoy the rest of the day by the lake. Relax with a book by the lake or enjoy a picnic. If you are looking for something to do,  try your hand at ‘Hole-in-One or follow a trail.

Day 2

Visit Orakei Korako in the morning followed by lunch at a cafe. Then head to Huka Falls. There are lots of activities to do here including a jet ride and a visit to see the Maori rock carvings. You either spend the rest of the day at a bath or return back to your accommodation.

Day 3

Visit Mangakino which is a 40 minute drive from Taupo. If you are an adventure enthusiast you will have a range of activities at you disposal. From walks and bike trails to extreme sport, Mangakino has quite a few options. However. if this does not appeal to you consider a visit to Pa Harakeke. They have a number of eco-tours and activities which allow you to experience the timber trail as well as plant your own tree.

Day 4

You may choose to stay at Taupo and carry out white water rafting, bungy jumping or sky diving or you can head to  Turangi Tongariro. Turangi has a lot of outdoor activities similar to that of Taupo and Mangakino. The area around Turangi has some interesting cultural and historical sites. You can also take a guided tour to Mount Ruapehu’s crater.  You may either choose to return back to Taupo or head to Tongariro National Park where you can stay on site.

Day 5

If you have chosen to visit the National Park then depending on your level of fitness you may opt to do the Alpine Crossing which has been considered to be a ‘bucket-list’ activity. There is indoor climbing, rafting, biking as well as scenic flights to opt for while at the Park.

Day 6

Today you can return back to Auckland, travel to Taupo or perhaps continue to stay on at the National Park.